Out of the Box Networking Strategies

October 6, 2015

Career Advice

15704185127_6830ffd2c3_zYou’re starving after the commute to get to this crazy networking event. Who knows where you put your business cards. Did you even remember to bring a pen? It doesn’t matter. You’re here, and the point is to make some connections. Well, guess what? Everybody is here for the very same reason. You can almost see the visual–a game of tops where everyone just keeps bumping into one another.

Why not try a new tactic: network differently? As Daniel Ally, contributor to Entrepreneur, says, the key question he asks to help expand his network is, “How do I add more value to more people in a shorter amount of time?” Some of his tips, like publishing articles, connecting people and following up, can work for any level of professional, while others like philanthropy and writing books may be reserved for those who are further along in their careers.

Ally’s tips are definitely different from the typical networking path, and you might even say they are closer to personal branding. But if you want to promote yourself, why not take it a few steps further than a resume or business card and publish an article or even write an e-book? An article or e-book is an extension of your resume and your talent, and the effort is sure to impress.

Serving as a guest-speaker is another great way to network and promote yourself. There are a wealth of meetings now with the onslaught of online meet-up groups. Joining meet-ups will also connect you with others who may want or need your service. It could be a win-win: get involved with a new activity that you really enjoy as well as get a chance to promote your brand.

Keep your options open when you walk into the world. That’s the key–you never know what’s waiting for you. Read more tips on “How to Network Like a Millionaire” over at Entrepreneur.

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