UW-Madison Tops Our List

September 29, 2015

Inside Spectrum Brands

14070186173_d73139edde_bThe verdict is in! The University of Wisconsin-Madison is, in fact, the best public college in the United States. That is hands down our view here at Spectrum Brands and two recent polls have ranked UW-Madison at the top of their lists as well.

Skout, a friend-making app, ranks UW-Madison as number one on the 10-Friendliest College Towns in America list. U.S. News and World Report places UW-Madison in 11th place for the second year in a row among the top public colleges. Take a look at all the UW-Madison academic kudos here, including, the College of Engineering’s 14th overall ranking for the third year in a row and the Wisconsin School of Business’ 15th overall for the second year in a row.

Spectrum Brands is proud of its long-standing connection with UW-Madison. We’ve served as a host for their regular Summer Engineering Program and participated in on-campus mock interviews and speed networking events. Not to mention, dozens of current Spectrum Brands employees attended UW-Madison and interned with us during their studies. Their internships spanned various fields like Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, and Finance.

Jordan Rosenbaum, a former Product Marketing Intern at Spectrum Brands and current student at UW-Madison says he didn’t feel like an intern during his time at Spectrum. “I was given a lot more responsibility than you would expect for an intern and opportunities to network with people outside of my specific business unit,” he added.

21-year-old Ben Cleppe, who will graduate May 2016 from UW-Madison, says, “My favorite part of my (R&D Engineering) internship was the freedom I had to take my project in the direction I saw fit and that I received the necessary training to do so.”

Connor Dura’s thoughts were similar.  He said, “I really enjoy being assigned individual project work—being able to create something from the ground up allows lots of room for creativity.”

It’s comments like these that show our strong partnership with UW-Madison and make us feel like proud parents to those students we are helping to usher out into the workforce.

Image via college.library/Flickr


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