9 Tips for Dealing with a Boss You Don’t Love

September 22, 2015

Career Advice

6528081483_e455fa2e5d_zYou’ve done all the leg work. You held out for the job you really wanted. You made it through three rounds of interviews, even a group interview. You’re being paid exactly what you know you are worth (maybe even a bit more). It’s all sunshine and roses, right? Well, it was until you learned more about your new boss.

The boss you’ve acquired — after all that work and feeling like you’ve made it into the big leagues — happens to be a micro-manager (or replace and insert with whichever characteristic is making you bonkers). With all your experience and skills, this is going to be tough to take. How exactly do you deal with it?

  1. Breathe. This can also be interpreted as “Don’t react just yet.”
  2. Remember that you love your job. Remember, once again, all the work you’ve done to get to this point. This job is clearly important to you especially if it fits your place in life right now, you’re fairly compensated, and you get satisfaction from it.
  3. Observe. Size things up. Watch and listen and most importantly learn what it is that sets your boss off and what he/she appreciates or likes to hear.
  4. Remain confident and clear in your behaviors that you are worthy and able to do this job. This attitude alone (even without any particular action) helps your boss believe in you.
  5. Stay positive. This is a mantra you need to manifest in yourself at the beginning of every work week. It will help you no matter what type of boss or co-workers you have. Even if you are given negativity or criticism, give back positivity and assuredness.
  6. Try not to take things personally. Your boss is likely acting/reacting to others the same way he or she reacts toward you. In other words, you are probably not alone.
  7. Give yourself some measurable goals. These could be goals based on your observations of your boss’ reactions: how he/she reacts to you and your co-workers, how he/she responds to your work, how things are changing around the office or in your department.
  8. Do those extra little things. Show up to work a bit early, offer to work on projects others wouldn’t take on, and send a thoughtful update on a project to keep your boss in the loop.
  9. Don’t loiter. If you are an extrovert this may be a difficult task, but try to keep your social profile limited to meetings and discussions regarding work only.

When all is said and done, it’s best not to jump to conclusions. Use your “survival of the fittest” skills to assess the situation with your boss and the rest of the team. Put a plan in place that will keep you out of the water cooler gossip yet keep you on the boss’ radar.

Image via GDS-Productions/Flickr.


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