Kick Your Job Search Into Gear This Fall

September 1, 2015

Career Advice

6188838974_85a090c2d5_zFall is that time of year when things start over again. Use this time to get in sync with the rest of the world and kickstart your job search. Here are some ideas that will help you kiss the lazy summer attitude goodbye.

Create a job search calendar.
On a written or online calendar, schedule the next three months of your job search. This can include surfing for jobs, applying for jobs, calling your contacts, writing thank you notes, writing cover letters, attending networking events, and preparing your five-second pitch. If you set deadlines for yourself, you’ll be more likely to make progress on your job search.

Create a networking list.
Make a contact list of everyone you know: former colleagues, friends, friends of friends, neighbors, Facebook friends, spouses of friends, acquaintances from the dog park, or people in any classes or groups you are involved with. You never know from where your next job lead can come. 

Write a customizable note to send when you’re asking for “informational” meetings.
This could ultimately be an e-mail, phone call or LinkedIn message, but you will use it as an opportunity to meet for 15-30 minutes with someone you believe could help further your job search. Here’s an email template you can use that almost always works.

Write a customizable note to send to people who give you referrals.
Just as you might with a cover letter, write a standard referral thank you note that you can adjust when you are ready to send it out. Before you send out each note, add specific information that you learned about this person to remind them that you were hanging on their every word. They will be impressed!

Review/sort/update your wardrobe.
Just like you did when the school year rolled around, take inventory of your interview clothes and plan what more you need buy before that important e-mail comes in. Bonus! Maybe you can even catch a few end-of-season sales. 

Form a Board of Advisors or your own version of the Justice League.
Consider this group of people your cabinet. They’re people who you believe have the smarts and wisdom to advise you in particular areas of your job search or industry. Reach out to them when you have questions about a corporation, a manager, a tactic or strategy, interview questions, or anything else that you’re uncertain about in the process.

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