Are You an E, an I, or an A?

August 27, 2015

Career Advice

8508070539_921fb59463_oFor all these years you’ve identified with a particular label. You’ve had the test, you’ve answered the questions, and you’ve probably even convinced yourself to act a certain way because of that label. You are a clear extrovert or introvert—yes? Well, you thought you were until the day you learned of another category—Ambivert! Ambi-what? 

The world you know has been turned upside down. There are not just two sides anymore—there’s a clear middle ground. Many would even say the distinctions are on a scale or spectrum. The beauty of this new category, the Ambivert, is that it allows for movement between extroversion and introversion. The Ambivert likes to remain in balance. Although a combination of the two, the Ambivert has some very distinctive qualities of their own. Not to mention, qualities that are beneficial in the workplace.

Adam M. Grant of the Wharton School wrote a research paper where he examined the advantages of the Ambivert. Here are traits that make this category all its own: 

  1. Flexible: Protects their alone time and their social time; can enjoy both settings.
  2. Intuitive: Very good at reading people and knowing when to be vocal and when to be quiet.
  3. Emotionally stable: Because they fall in the middle of the spectrum, they are much less affected by the situation.
  4. Influential: Ambiverts made higher hourly rates than extroverts in Grant’s research.

Often referred to as the Lost Personality Type, the Ambivert is the largest of the categories and tends more to be considered the “norm.” Now that you’ve heard about this new category for personality types, you may be experiencing some ah-ha moments about yourself or someone you know. Take advantage of what you’ve learned if you happen to identify as an Ambivert—this knowledge can help in your networking, small talk, and negotiation skills throughout your career.

Read more about Ambiverts at Huffington Post

Image via One Way Stock/Flickr. 


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