The Secret to Getting What You Want

August 25, 2015

Career Advice

5540462170_d5297d9ce8_zPromotions and raises happen on a regular basis, right? You may have even muttered one of these phrases to yourself at one point in time:

  • “I could do that job.”
  • “I have more skills than she does so why didn’t I apply for that job?”
  • “How is he in the VP role? I’m the one with the degree, the experience, and the people skills.”
  • “If only my boss would offer me that position.”
  • “I didn’t even see that job posted. How did he get the position?”
  • “I guess I didn’t spend enough time with my boss these last six months and that’s why I didn’t get the promotion.”

Somebody’s getting promoted, people are moving up the ladder, job changes are occurring…so why is it so difficult for some people to ask for that one thing — be it a promotion, raise, position, telecommute option, or benefit — that they want and need so badly?

The secret is more about answering a question rather than asking one: “Why can’t I seem to ask for what I want?”

This is a skill that is required in every facet of our lives in order to get both what we want and what we need. Some people have no trouble at all asking something of others, while other people have a very difficult time with this. Then again, it can be difficult for people to ask for something at the workplace, but not difficult in their own personal life.

It all comes down to our background, history, and how we’ve learned to “be” in the world. Ultimately, it’s how we feel about ourselves like our own self-respect and whether we think we’re deserving or not, and how we feel about the person we are asking like whether or not we have respect for them.

In this Huffington Post article, Jane Herman of the Women In Technology International lists the common reasons why we stay silent and she offers up five tools for helping us articulate what we want. Check out her perspective here. And then don’t wait to hear from someone about that next thing you want or need in your career. Go prepare your strategy and make things happen!

Image via Howard Lake/Flickr


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