The Secret to the ASK + An Email Template You Won’t Want to Miss

August 11, 2015

Career Advice

13903364409_6de5ec67a2_zWe can all agree that one of the hardest things about finding a job is the networking. It’s such an open-ended word that encompasses so much that it can be overwhelming. There are no direct steps from point A (having no contacts) to point B (having a binder full of contacts and referrals you can reach out to).

Where do you start? Who is a good contact? How do you talk with him/her? In this way, networking is both a conundrum and an opportunity. It does require a strategy and everyone’s strategy is likely to be different. We are all good at different parts of the job search journey, but how do we become an expert at the asking part? This is a critical step, “asking anyone you think could help you, in your job search, to meet for a short time so you can learn from them, acquire some useful advice and/or make other connections.”

This is where the strategy comes in. Freelance writer, Aja Frost, has come up with an e-mail template that she refers to as the perfect way to ask for an informational interview. Try customizing this template to help your job search strategy. Here are some of our favorite points from this article:

  • Make your e-mail short and to the point. The people you are reaching out to have busy work lives and they would be taking time away from that to help you. Show empathy for their time.
  • Explain yourself in a way that makes them want to help you. This is critical to getting a reply.
  • Research your interview subjects. It will help you make a connection with them and they will see how determined you are by showing you understand them.
  • Always follow-up, but be aware of your tone when doing so. Don’t be pushy or demanding.
  • Many times, the recipient won’t respond to the first e-mail, but will respond to the follow-up. It’s not personal, it’s life.

Read the full article over at The Muse.

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