4 Reasons Why Our Employees Love Working at Spectrum Brands

June 30, 2015

Inside Spectrum Brands

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Kevin from Sales says, “A lot of people don’t know who Spectrum Brands is but they know all of the different brands that we have.” And the number of brands we own is one of the biggest reasons why people love working for us. Here are just a few reasons why working at Spectrum Brands is great.

1. The size is just right.
Goldilocks would be happy. Spectrum Brands might just be the perfect balance of large national brands and a small-town feel. There’s no need to move to a big city with a high cost of living to find a great career opportunity. We operate in a brand new green world headquarters just outside of Madison, Wisconsin in the family-friendly suburb of Middleton.

Madison was named the best place to live in 2015 by Livability.com, and Middleton has held the title before. “Its nice being part of a big company like this but it still feels like a small company,” says Kevin.

2. Every day is different.
It’s hard to get bored at a company where so much is going on. You’ll get to know coworkers across different departments and different brands. “I love my job. No day is the same,” says Dorothy in Supply Chain. “It’s always something different. It’s always new challenges.”

3. There are plenty of learning opportunities. 
Speaking of bored, if you’re looking for a change, look no further than across the hallway. Each brand offers a unique opportunity to learn a new business, a new product, and a new customer.

“I get to work hand in hand with our European team,” says Devon, who works in the marketing department of Remington. “If the opportunity arises I could raise my hand and be working on batteries tomorrow and really learning how to drive that business.”

4. There is room for growth.
Those learning opportunities can lead to more than just mental growth — they can lead to career growth too. With so many brands, we have plenty of opportunities for promotion within the company. “You definitely have a lot more opportunity to move forward with your career because of all the different brands,” says Tara, a web designer at Spectrum Brands.

Elizabeth from Creative agrees. She says, “Spectrum Brands is a company that when they see your potential and they see that you really love and have a passion for what you do, they give you opportunities that you never expect. They let you fly as high as you want to fly.”

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Spectrum Brands is a global $5 Billion Consumer Products company headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin. While you may not be familiar with the Spectrum Brands name, there is no doubt you will recognize some of our brands.

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