The All-About-Millennials Post

June 17, 2015

Career Advice

17705922131_1deedbee5d_zIf you’re reading this and you’re a millennial, you’re a great hire. Or maybe not. Because you’re so educated. But you need more experience. But then again, you’re so ambitious! But you’ll probably leave in a year.

There have been thousands of articles written about the Millennial generation and their place in the workforce. Some see their independence as a breathe of fresh air and others see it as arrogance. Some see their lust for work-life balance as revolutionary while others find it lazy to video conference from the couch instead of come into the office. Some “lifers” think their job-hopping attitude is downright unacceptable.

We decided to round up some of the alleged strengths and weaknesses of this age group. Use some of these to your advantage in your next interview, and be ready to defend yourself against others.

Millennials are…

  • passionate
  • striving for work-life balance
  • spontaneous
  • risk takers
  • job hoppers
  • world travelers
  • obsessed with mobile
  • dream chasers
  • comfortable with technology
  • social
  • collaborative
  • independent
  • underemployed
  • not interested in titles, status, or salary
  • highly educated
  • ambitious
  • craving attention
  • entrepreneurial
  • transparent
  • in need of coaching
  • generous

Which ones do you agree with? Which ones do you disagree with?

Sources: 7 Millennial Traits that Employers That Baby Boomers Need to Learn via Inc, 6 Qualities Employers Want to See in Millennials via Brazen Careerist, 8 Things You Need to Know About Millennials at Work via Business Insider, 6 Things Millennials Say at Work and What They Really Mean via Inc, and 10 Ways Millennials are Creating the Future of Work via Forbes

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