5 Assumptions That Are Preventing You From Landing a Job

April 9, 2015

Career Advice

picjumbo.com_HNCK4023It’s easy to lose confidence and motivation during a long job search. Soon the excuses start flowing and you feel like you’ll never work again. But fear not! We’re here to smash five assumptions that are preventing your from landing a job. Erase these excuses from your memory and you’ll land a new position before you know it.

1. You don’t apply because… the job has already been listed for a month.
According a recent report by Indeed and the Centre for Economic and Business Research, 43% of job openings are filled within 30 days. The 57% of jobs that aren’t fulfilled within 30 days could remain available for as long as three months.

2. You don’t apply because… you don’t meet every single qualification listed in the job description.
If you meet most of the requirements and the rest could be met with a little bit of training, then you’re qualified. Every job description is filled with a combination of “must-have” and “nice-to-have” job qualities, but you don’t need them all to land an interview.

3. You don’t apply because… they didn’t win a “Best Place to Work” award.
A “best place to work” award doesn’t mean it’s the best place for you to work. Don’t rely exclusively on awards and gossip about what it’s like to work there. What didn’t work for someone else could be perfect for your career, your strengths, and your lifestyle. And vice versa. Do what’s right for you.

4. You don’t apply because… the listed salary isn’t high enough.
Salaries are always negotiable. And upon interviewing, you may discover other benefits like a shortened workweek, flexible work days, an on-site gym, or the ability to work from home that could make up for any salary differences.

5. You don’t apply because… they’ll never get back to you anyway.
Just because a company doesn’t immediately respond to your application doesn’t mean you’re not on their radar or that they aren’t considering you for an upcoming opportunity. To quote Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

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