How to Instantly Sound More Confident

December 16, 2014

Career Advice

We’ve already covered 3 Speaking Habits That Make You Sound Stupid, but unfortunately there’s a few more. While we would all prefer to sound smart, it’s also important to sound confident. And the following bad habits take away from that confidence. You may think you’re in the clear when it comes to these habits, but pay attention the next time you’re engaged in an important work conversation, giving a presentation, or even writing an email.

Stop saying, “I think” before every point you make.
We know you’re thinking it because you said it. Unless you’re attributing a fact to someone else, we’re going to assume that everything that comes out of your mouth is something you believe in. Emails and conversations can immediately sound more convincing when you remove this pesky phrase. Unless you truly want to express doubt, take “I think” out of your vocabulary.

Don’t speak like everything is a question.
This is another habit that might only appear when you’re under pressure. When we raise our voices at the end of a sentence, it expresses a question — and it can make us sound unsure. If you’re confident in what you’re saying, say it confidently. Declare it, don’t question it.

Remove “filler” words from your vocabulary.
Everyone depends on something different to fill the silence. It might be “like,” “um,” “you know,” or even “I think.” These words are unneeded. It’s okay to take a moment of silence while you gather your thoughts. Get comfortable with the silence and you’ll find yourself depending on these words less and less.

What are your tips for speaking more confidently? What speech habit is hardest for you to break? Comment below!


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