4 Steps to Cleaning Up Your Act Online

September 30, 2014

Career Advice

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Social media can help you stand out online, but you want to make sure it’s for a good reason — not a bad one. With all the privacy concerns these days, you’re probably familiar with the basic rule: don’t post any update unless you’d be comfortable with the whole world reading it, including your grandma. That includes both texts and photos.

While networks like Facebook have tried to make privacy settings easier and easier to understand, there might be years and years of posts and pics hiding within your online profiles. If you’re hoping to land a job anytime soon, you must do a “deep clean” of your social networks. There’s no guarantee that a potential employer is going to Google you, but there’s also no guarantee that they won’t. Follow these steps before you send out your resume and you’ll feel a lot better about your online image.

1. Google yourself.
What do you find first? Make note of which links rise to the top, especially social networks. Un-google-able? Search your name within each of the major social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube — and see if your profile is easy to find.

2. Read through your feeds.
Go back. Way back. Read all of your tweets from the past year. Scroll through your Facebook news feed as far back as you can make it. Delete anything that could be perceived as controversial. Don’t let an update cost you an interview.

3. Audit your photos.
Find an embarrassing photo as you’re browsing through your feeds? Get rid of it stat. Here’s an infographic detailing how to remove embarrassing photos from any social network including the ones you didn’t even post yourself.

4. Lock up your wall.
While you’re job searching, it might be best to prevent any Facebook friends from posting on your wall and disabling friends from the ability to tag you in any photo or update. This puts the control in your hands and will let you sleep easier at night. Here’s a link that can help you answer any Facebook privacy questions you may have.

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One Comment on “4 Steps to Cleaning Up Your Act Online”

  1. Interview Knowledge Says:

    Being conscious as to how you are representing yourself online is the first step in fixing your online presence. Think about what you are posting and how it may have an effect on your professional life!


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