5 Work Behaviors That Say “I Don’t Care”

August 8, 2014

Career Advice

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Actions speak louder than words, right? That saying applies in the workplace immensely. Even during our most grueling and challenging days, it’s important to pay attention to what kind of vibes our actions are giving the people around us. It can impact your personal happiness and your career success. Here are a few behavioral red flags that scream “I’d rather be somewhere else:”

1. You walk in the door 30 minutes late every day.
Late arrivals are not only disrespectful — perpetual tardiness reflects poorly on your lifestyle. What is it that prevents you from managing your time better in the morning every day? It might be as simple as setting your alarm too late or hitting the snooze button too many times. Don’t give people a reason to wonder why you’re so unorganized.

2. You don’t respond to emails on time.
These days everyone is inundated with emails and we absolutely have to ignore our inboxes for periods of time or we’d never get work done. But delaying a response is different from radio silence for days. If you only have time to say “I got this and will get back to you by the end of the day tomorrow,” do it. That’s better than giving no response. Also, don’t forget that sometimes it’s quicker to just pick up the phone and have a chat or leave a voicemail.

3. You miss meetings or show up late. 
If you can’t attend a meeting, decline it. Don’t accept it and then show up 15 minutes late — or not at all. Especially if you’re meeting with only one or two people, you’ll only make work enemies when you blow off a commitment. It’s a waste of time for everyone.

4. You’re glued to your smartphone.
It may be socially acceptable to carry around your smartphone at work but no matter what anyone says, it’s rude to pay more attention to your smartphone than your coworkers — especially during a meeting. If you’re always glued to your phone, you better be responding to emails and not just checking Facebook.

5. You don’t ask questions.
This applies to two parts of the workplace: professional and personal. Ask the appropriate questions that will help you get your job done correctly and on time. But also don’t forget to strike up a friendly conversation every day and learn a bit more about your coworkers. It will make your day more enjoyable and having coworkers on your side is always a good thing when you’re in a pinch during the workday.

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