How to Leave Work at Work and Enjoy Your Time at Home

July 10, 2014

Career Advice

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If only there were an “off” switch on your brain that shut down those work anxieties and stresses the second you walked out the door. How can you really “unplug” from work at the end of the day? It’s hard to switch from work to play during your commute, but that’s exactly what you need to train your brain to do. Here are just a few tips that have helped us move toward a better work-life balance.

1. Literally disconnect.
Turn off the push notifications on your phone. Leave the work laptop in your work bag. Don’t check your email. These are habits that are hard to break but they can be broken. Once you see that the world didn’t end even though you didn’t check your email after 5PM, you’ll feel less guilty about unplugging after work. If you do have to work from home, seclude yourself for a solid hour and get as much done as you can. Don’t drag it out over the entire night by checking emails and taking calls in front of the TV.

2. Leave the drama at the door.
As much as we want to vent about our terrible meetings, and annoying coworkers, and looming deadlines, just don’t. For one week, don’t bring up any work discussions beyond a typical “How was your day?” conversation and see how you feel at the end of the week. You’ll likely realize that all that drama is not so important and that it doesn’t deserve any more of your time.

3. Have an activity to look forward to each night.
Whether it’s making dinner with your family or learning how to play the guitar or calling your mom, focusing your efforts and thoughts on an activity will pull you away from the stresses of your work day. You might not even remember what happened at work today once you’re immersed in a hobby or activity you’ve been looking forward to all day.


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One Comment on “How to Leave Work at Work and Enjoy Your Time at Home”

  1. 1huntech Says:

    These are good tips. Thanks for the article.


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