Unique Ways to Use LinkedIn

July 1, 2014

Career Advice

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LinkedIn is every  job-seeker’s secret weapon. Whether you’re throwing the door wide open to any opportunity that comes your way or you’re highly targeting a specific position at a specific company, LinkedIn can help. We’ve written more than a few posts on the subject from basic etiquette to how to land a job, but now we’re going to cover some unique ways to use the network to your advantage. Here are just a few of our tips for getting the most out of our favorite social network.

Introduce others.
You find someone you’re dying to connect with and you see you have a mutual connection in common. Sure, you can ask them to introduce you via the social network. But you can only do this so many times without paying someone back in return. Why not get a step ahead of the game and introduce your connections — unprovoked? If you realize that two of your connections may have a lot in common, or may be helpful to each other, hook them up via the network. When they receive a message in their inbox that says, “Hey, I was thinking of you two and thought you’d enjoy meeting each other,” they’ll be sure to bend over backwards next time you need help with a connection.

Start networking offline first.
If you want to connect with someone but you have no one in common to introduce you, what do you do? Start off the network. Do they have a Twitter account? Will they be speaking at an event in your area soon? Do you share a real-life friend who could set up a coffee date with the three of you? Plant the networking seed first, and down the road it may be easier to blindly connect on LinkedIn later. Or at least you can send a worthy request that mentions seeing them speak in person or another unique detail you’d only know by doing further research.

Write a post — or two or three.
LinkedIn is slowly rolling out a feature that allows you to publish long-form posts. It’s essentially a self-published article that can easily be shared by others and commented on among your network. It can establish you as an expert in your industry and just get your name out there in a fresh way. To see if you have this feature, look for the pencil icon in your status update box on your home page. It’s located under the paperclip icon. Read more about LinkedIn’s long-form posts.



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