You’re Unemployed. Now What? Here Are Your First 5 Steps.

June 24, 2014

Career Advice

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Whether you were the victim of a layoff or you left a job on your own terms, a wide open schedule is starting you right in the face and there’s no paycheck in sight — and that’s scary. Hopefully you were able to negotiate a severance package if you were laid off or you were able to stash away some cash before you left your job. Regardless of your situation, stay calm. Here are the first steps you should take:

1. Update your online profiles.
You might be ashamed to admit your new status, but letting your network know you’re a free agent is the first step in finding a new opportunity. Change your LinkedIn title to something like “[Insert Industry Here] Professional Seeking Employment in [Insert Ideal Position].”

2. Notify your network.
Make a list of all the important contacts in your network who are willing to help you during your job search. Get in touch via LinkedIn message, email, or a phone call and set up a time for a coffee shop date, a phone chat, or an informational interview. Even if you just “catch up,” don’t think of it as time wasted. Building your network is always good for your career.

3. Reach out to a recruiter.
Partnering with a recruiter means there will be two of you searching for your next job — and there’s nothing wrong with that! Even if you just pass along your resume informally to a recruiter on LinkedIn, you never know when something could show up. That recruiter could contact you a year from now with a great opportunity. And that’s okay!

4. Start applying. 
The more you put yourself out there, the better. But don’t just blindly apply to jobs online. Do some extended research. If there’s a position you’re highly interested in — and highly qualified for — use your network and LinkedIn’s search tools to find a person you could speak with at that company. Think of job searching as fishing. If you want to catch the best fish, you need some good bait!

5. Repeat.
Repeat steps one through five until you’ve landed a new position. Remember that every time you update your LinkedIn profile, your network is notified. And every time you meet up with a contact or a recruiter, your network grows stronger. And every time you apply for a job, that’s one more egg in your basket. The job search is a long process but you the payoff is well worth it.


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