How to Make Your Resume Keyword Friendly

June 10, 2014

Career Advice

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It’s no secret that some robots are reading your resume as well as recruiters. Applicant Tracking Systems scan submitted resumes and push the most qualified candidates forward — the candidates who meet the keywords they’re looking for. So how can you make your resume more effective? Tailor your resume to each position you apply for, and follow these tips:

  • Make sure all of the necessary requirements listed in the job description are also listed in your resume. This list is a good hint of what the recruiters are looking for as they whittle down the applicant pool, so be sure to list all of the expectations you meet.
  • Use the language the recruiter is using in the job description. You may call yourself a “digital marketer” but maybe they are calling it “online marketing manager.” Rework your resume to appeal to their internal lingo.
  • If your last job title was different in name but not in job responsibilities as the job you’re applying for, be sure to list the alternate job name in the bullet points beneath your former position. For example, “As the marketing copywriter, I acted as a digital content creator and supported our newest product releases.”
  • Send a .doc file, not a .pdf or any other kind of image. If your resume is an image file, the individual words in the file might not be able to to be read. Don’t risk it!
  • Your resume isn’t the place to try out fancy fonts. They might not convert once they go through the system — that wouldn’t be good! Stick to Times New Roman or Arial.
  • These digital systems keep track of your every move, which means they notice if you’ve applied to multiple positions at a company. That’s not a bad thing as long as the positions are similar in nature. If they’re not, you might look a little unfocused in your career search and a recruiter might think twice about hiring you.

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One Comment on “How to Make Your Resume Keyword Friendly”

  1. Says:

    The site is also a great place to identify keywords for your resume. All you have to do is paste in your resume plus the job description, then Jobscan analyzes your job description for you automatically and identifies the most important keywords for you! it literally takes seconds and it so worth the copy and paste. Saved me so much time AND I got more interviews using Jobscan!


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