Remove These Faux Pas From Your Resume Immediately

April 29, 2014

Career Advice

Resumes are tricky things. They’re short, but certainly not sweet. After all, you basically have to sell yourself and all of your skills in a one-page document. How does one translate years of experience and expertise into just a few sentences? Sometimes it’s easier to start with the process of elimination: what NOT to do.

We found a great article on 7 Things to Remove From Your Resume ASAP. Give your resume a once-over, get rid of these no-nos, and you can feel better about taking baby steps in the right direction. Here are is a summary of our favorite tips from the article:

Say goodbye to the third person.
We’re talking about the third person voice. When you refer to yourself as [insert your name here] — as if you’re writing your own biography — it comes off as a little conceited. And unfriendly. And silly. The same goes for your LinkedIn profile. It’s ok to have a personality and a voice when speaking about your career. In fact, it’s preferred.

Don’t include your current work email address.
We all know that unprofessional-sounding personal emails like “” are not to be used for job search purposes. But neither is your current work email address. Even if you’re not job searching on company time, it’s going to look like it. And it’s just unprofessional. If you don’t have a career-appropriate personal email address, make one now. Heck, you can even make an email address specifically for your job search.

Get rid of all those unimportant positions from a million years ago.
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — only list relevant positions on your resume OR be sure to tailor the position so it proves to be relevant. If it’s from decades ago and it’s completely irrelevant to what you do now, drop it. It’s just taking up valuable space and wasting the time of your recruiter.

Read the full article over at TheMuse.

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