How to Write a Killer Linked-In Recommendation in 5 Simple Sentences

February 11, 2014

Career Advice

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 1.08.56 PMIt’s no secret that you would love a few recommendations on LinkedIn. And what’s the quickest way to get LinkedIn recommendations? Give LinkedIn recommendations. But make sure they’re good. Writing about your working relationship with someone else can feel a little awkward at first. With a little help from this outline, you’ll be whipping up stellar reviews in no time. Here are our top tips broken down sentence-by-sentence:

1. Sentence 1: How do you know this person?
Explain when and where you worked with this person and what your relationship was. For example, “I had the pleasure of managing Cindy for two years while she was a graphic designer at ABC Design.”

2. Sentence 2: Describe their top trait.
What first comes to mind when you think of this person? What talents, skills, or personality traits make them unique? Wrap it up in a catchy sentence here. For example, “She easily blends her ultra-creative mind with a brand savviness that is unmatched.”

3. Sentence 3: Illustrate your point.
Drive home your previous sentence by giving an example of these skills in action. For example, “When we landed our first Fortune 100 client, I immediately knew who I could trust with their redesign: Cindy.”

4. Sentence 4: Give her a personality.
Just like the interview is a chance to show off a person’s true personality, so are these recommendations. Write something interesting about the person that cannot be found in their resume. For example, “Cindy always showed up with a smile — and a box of pastries — every Monday morning.”

5. Sentence 5: State the obvious.
You’re writing this recommendation because you recommend this person. But be sure to state that in black and white at the end of your paragraph. For example, “I highly encourage any design firm to grab Cindy before someone else does — you won’t regret it!”

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