Are You a Workaholic?

January 17, 2014

Career Advice

WorkaholicDo you stay at work after 5 PM more than one day per week?
Are you the first person in the office more than one morning per week?
Do you eat your lunch at your desk?
Have you stepped into the office on a Saturday or Sunday?
Do you check your work email right when you get home?
Do you feel guilty when you take time off?
Do you have trouble delegating work to others? 

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, you may be a workaholic. In our connected society — when we can check email at any moment — it’s even harder to disconnect. But being a workaholic is not something to be proud of. According to WebMD, it’s not a far cry from being an alcoholic. There’s even a national Workaholics Anonymous group modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous that helps obsessive employees find balance in their lives.

While workaholics are often some of the most reliable employees out there, they are also a big risk for companies. Burnout is one of the biggest threats. Workaholics often won’t take vacation even if they desperately need a break to recharge their mind and body. Another concern is that missing “team player” element. Workaholics are often “control freaks” who have a problem delegating tasks to coworkers. That means they often bite off more than they can chew and may not be productive or do great work. Yikes.

Second-guessing your obsession with your job now? Vacation time, help from coworkers, and working hours are all designed with a master plan: to help you grow into a more productive and happy person at work and at home. So don’t feel guilty the next time you ask for help, take time off, or walk out the door at 5:01. It’s okay. There’s always tomorrow.

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