How Productive Are You?

December 5, 2013

Career Advice

HOw Productive can you be?You’re probably not the only one who made a resolution to be more productive in 2014. But if you really dedicated yourself to achieving this goal, how productive do you think you could become? You might be surprised at your potential. There are more articles than we dare to count on the subject, but there seems to be a few nuggets of advice that appear in each one. Here’s our take on how to increase your productivity in 2014:

1. Track Your Time.
Starting this week, track your time — including the time you spend procrastinating — and the hours in which you get the most work done. Are you more focused in the morning or the afternoon? The goal here is to dig deeper: find out the exact hours in which you get the most work completed, even if it’s just two hours.

2. Block Out That Time Each Day.
On your calendar, mark this segment of your day as “busy” — after all, you’re going to be busy working! You may not be able to save this time every day — meetings! — but try your best to schedule your life around this sacred time.

3. Stay Focused.
Each morning, map out your day. During your non-meeting times, plan out what projects need to get done and about how much time it should take. Sometimes self-imposed deadlines can inspire you to work more efficiently.

4. Take Breaks.
When you are working at inopportune times or you’re feeling especially unmotivated, take a break. Go for a walk, eat a snack, play a word game. Find the one thing that energizes you.

5. Limit Your Distractions.
Remove your biggest culprits. Close your email for an hour. Turn off your phone for part of the day or at least turn off push notifications. Log out of social media sites. Put in headphones so your coworkers are less likely to bother you. When there’s nothing to distract you, you’ll have nothing to do but work. Get to it!

How do you stay focused and productive? Comment below or tweet us @Spectrum_Brands!

Image via Sean MacEntee/Flickr

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