Questions to Ask Before Starting Your Job Search

November 8, 2013

Career Advice

Question mark made of puzzle piecesIf you’re in pursuit of a new position, a lot of thoughts are buzzing through your brain. Where am I getting my next paycheck? Who will hire me? How long will I be without a job? These are all valid concerns, of course. But instead of focusing on the negative, job seekers must take the time to tally their likes, wants, and needs. In a perfect world, what would your dream job be? You can’t land the perfect position until you know yourself. Ask yourself these questions before you start applying:

  • What makes you feel energized? Working with great people? Working for a great cause? Working on a great product?
  • What’s your idea work environment? Loud, busy, and open air? A quiet office? A dark space? A bright and airy place?
  • What’s your communication style? How will this affect your work, your boss, and your coworkers? What do you need from them?
  • What kind of salary do you need for your desired lifestyle? Be realistic here and research similar positions in your area on sites like
  • How far are you willing to commute? This will become just as much a part of your day as the work itself.
  • Are amenities (like a gym or cafeteria) important to you? What about vacation time? Or are you more concerned with the work itself?

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