How to Rock Your Next Phone Interview

November 1, 2013

Career Advice

how to rock the phone interview

The phone interview might seem like the easiest step in the job interview process. No need to dress up or arrive early or find your way around a building you’ve never stepped foot in before. But the truth is that the phone interview is just the first bridge you have to cross — and you don’t want to burn that bridge or your job prospects will start looking bleak. Start taking this early interview step seriously. Here’s how:

1. Stake out a spot.
A good hour or two before your interview, make sure you’ve secured a room with good cell phone reception and no distractions (aka dogs or kids). It’s impossible to avoid an unexpected ambulance siren, but find the quietest place you can.

2. Dress the part.
Don’t take a call from your bed with your pajamas on. Mentally and physically put yourself in the right mind set. You’ll feel more put together if you look put together, and if you’re sitting with good posture in a chair.

3. Be prepared.
Have a glass of water nearby, and make sure you hydrate completely before the interview. You don’t want to be that person who gets an embarrassing coughing attack halfway through the call. Don’t get thrown off your game by something silly. In fact, be over-prepared.

4. Stay animated.
Just because you’re not face-to-face doesn’t mean you don’t have to put on your game face. The tone of your voice and the words coming out of your mouth are your only tools for success right now. Speak clearly and eloquently. Sound happy and friendly. Wear headphones or turn on the speakerphone function so you can gesture with your hands as you talk. Even though the interviewer can’t see your hand motions, you’ll sound more natural.

5. Follow the same interview rules.
Ask for a few seconds to think a question through if you need it. Reiterate your interest in the position at the end. Follow up after the interview. These are all basic rules that also apply to any kind of interview — phone or not. Brush up on our ultimate interview recap if you’re feeling rusty.

Image via Josh Bancroft/Flickr.


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