Check Before You Accept: Does This Job Have Growth Potential?

September 5, 2013

Career Advice

During the job hunt, seekers often focus on the prestige surrounding big titles, but there’s something even more important to consider — potential for growth. Doing the same tasks day in and day out is no fun. You’ll get better at your job as each day passes, so if there isn’t a way to make the position more challenging for you, you’re destined to be stuck at a stand still. And likely unhappy. Here’s how to figure out if a potential job offer is worth accepting:

1. Ask what the growth plan is for the position.
During the interview, really dig into the potential of this job. How can the position expand in the future? How does this job support the latest company-wide initiatives? Where did the last person who held this position end up? The answers to these questions will reveal whether or not there is long-term potential in this position. Here are more interview tips to keep you at the top of your game.

2. Decide if you’ll be learning new skills or not.
Of course you must be qualified for any position you apply for but it’s likely that this job requires you to take on some new challenges. Perhaps you’d put your marketing skills to work for a new industry or you’d be testing your writing skills online instead of in print. Make sure that you’re expanding your skills in this position — not limiting them.

3. Have a heart-to-heart with your new future boss.
If you hit it off right away with your potential new boss, there’s a chance that it’s the start to a great working relationship. The more comfortable you feel, the easier it will be to ask difficult questions in the future. Lastly, get a feel for how often you get to check-in with your boss and assess your career development. Twice per year? Once per month? As needed? The more often, the better!


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