What’s the Difference Between LinkedIn and a Resume?

September 3, 2013

Career Advice

Difference between Resume and LinekdInSome job seekers may feel that resumes and LinkedIn profiles are redundant. It’s just more of the same, right? Wrong. Resumes and LinkedIn profiles each serve their own purposes and equal importance should be placed on both of them. (And remember that personal brand of yours?) Here are the two key differences between these job-seeking devices.

Resumes are specific while LinkedIn profiles are elaborate.
A resume should be tailored to each position you apply for, which means that not all of your experiences will be included on every application you send out. Only the relevant ones should be. But a LinkedIn profile is a great place to create a master resume. Show off everything you’ve ever done and feel free to write an elaborate description filled with key words for each one. Plus, a master resume is a great time-saving job search strategy.

Resumes are one-sided while LinkedIn profiles are multi-dimensional.
Your resume is written from your perspective. It’s assumed that you have references to back up your claims, but until your potential employer calls up those people, it’s your word he or she is taking as fact. LinkedIn profiles have the references built right in though — if you can get them. The “recommendations” feature allows former colleagues and bosses to write a referral for you and the “endorse” feature allows the same people to verify your specific skills. Here are a few more tips for improving your LinkedIn profile.

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