What Will Go Wrong When You “Wing It” in the Interview

August 29, 2013

Career Advice

What Will go wrong if you dont prepare for an interviewEven if you’re a natural people person… even if you have amazing experience and you feel like this one is “in the bag”… even if you have a raving review from the CEO of the company… there is never an excuse for “winging” an interview. An interview should be viewed like a formal exam. Each one requires a significant time of study, preparation, and practice. Without it, you will likely fail and regret it. It took a lot of effort to land this interview, so don’t let that time be wasted. If you do, here’s what could happen:

1. You’ll be completely tongue-tied.
Imagine getting drilled with calculus equations…. in Spanish. That’s how you’ll feel when an interviewer starts drilling you with the toughest interview questions and you haven’t spent a single minute preparing. Interviewing well is a skill that must be practiced. Review the toughest questions you can find and write out your best answers. Study them. Learn them. Memorize them.

2. You’ll make a total jerk out of yourself.
Want to know the quickest way to biff an interview? Don’t research the company. Any interviewer will see right through your quick skim of a Wikipedia page. Research recent news articles and really learn the company inside and out. Reach out to your network and see if anyone has any insight into this position or this company. Then show off your detective work during the interview.

3. You’ll ruin your chances of working for this company in the future.
Companies remember strong candidates even when they don’t get hired. Perhaps they’ll reach out to you when a similar position opens up. That is unless you fail the interview. Interviewers will also remember lousy candidates and won’t want to give them a chance in the future. Do your future self a favor: make a good impression, not a bad one.

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