Your Personal Brand and Why It Matters

August 16, 2013

Career Advice

Your Personal Brand and Why It MattersEven if you think you don’t need a personal brand or you think you don’t have a personal brand — you’re wrong. Your personal brand is the accumulation of all the information about you that’s out there, like one big Wikipedia page on yourself. What would it say? What tone would it have? What would it look like? If you can’t answer these questions, it’s time to reassess. Here’s what you can focus on to start taking control of your image:

1. Your Bio
These days, your online image comes first. That’s what employers see before they bring you in the door. During a job hunt, make sure your personal bios — both online and off — are consistent and clear. The focus of your LinkedIn profile should mirror that of your resume and vice versa. Don’t be afraid to be too confident here. You’re trying to get hired! Toot your own horn.

2. Your Elevator Speech
Can you take that personal biography and say it out loud on demand? Make sure your career intentions can be easily summarized for any upcoming networking events, phone interviews, informational interviews, or face-to-face interviews. Again, it should be consistent with the bio that’s plastered on LinkedIn and your resume or cover letter.

3. Your Look
If you want to get hired, you better be on your A game when it comes time to dress for your LinkedIn profile picture, any interview you land, and any networking events you attend. Find a signature style that works for you — one that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

4. Your Voice
It’s okay to be yourself. Just be consistent. If you’re a funny guy, don’t paint a picture of an uptight drone. Show your personality tastefully in a cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and during any interviews or networking events. Find a way to mention your unique traits, interests, or experiences during the application process.

Image via Stefano Principato/flickr.


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