Spotlight on Spectrum Brands’ Rayovac Division: Launch of Portable Power

August 2, 2013

Inside Spectrum Brands

Firmly established as one of Spectrum’s cornerstone brands, Rayovac is arguably the most recognizable brand in the Spectrum family. Often regarded as one of the top three battery brands worldwide, Rayovac continues to set standards in innovation – with portable power as the crowning jewel.

2-Hour Power was developed for the cell phone user who is always on the run. It provides instant power to both Apple and Micro USB devices. Complete with long lasting power storage, enhanced portability and the absence of charging cords, this device relies solely on the Rayovac batteries that consumers know and trust – no cords, no outlets, and no electricity. The convenience factor of the 2-Hour Power is off the charts. It’s quickly becoming the #1 external cell phone battery!

A large population of mobile device users will settle for nothing less than a fully charged battery. To supply this demand, Rayovac has developed the new 7-Hour Power. Using just four Rayovac AA batteries, the 7-Hour Power is a portable USB charger that can give a cell phone a full 100% charge. Using a USB port to connect and deliver power, the 7-Hour Power is compatible with all USB-powered devices.

For a company like Rayovac, creating innovative products like portable power is just par for the course. Where other companies typically fall short, Rayovac follows a creative roadmap to ensure the initial phases of product development are strategically researched and given the proper focus.

Basic research has shown a dramatic increase in cell phone users worldwide. Capitalizing on this recent data, Rayovac developed an accessory that provides the one thing that everyone could use – extra battery life. With the creation of portable power, Rayovac is taking all bets that the mobile device will become an even bigger part of our everyday lives.

The secret to Rayovac’s product line success is hardly a secret at all. Research is the key factor when developing new products. Rayovac’s commitment to research and development shines through in the flawless design and masterful innovation of its latest product line.

Qualifications for those looking to join the Rayovac team include: passion, ingenuity, and creative spirit. Employees who thrive are innately creative and have a passion for innovation. Does Rayovac sound like a great place to work, or what?

Learn more about Rayovac and the launch of portable power by reading the latest press release. Read our previous post on Rayovac for more information on working with the Rayavoc brand.

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