Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away From Personality Tests

July 25, 2013

Career Advice

3984047778_96dd2934e2_zPersonality tests are nothing new. The Myers-Briggs test is based on psychological research from the 1920s. Perhaps you’ve taken the test yourself. Or maybe you’ve encountered an employer who requires one of these exams as part of the interview process. (Note: we don’t.) Even coaches are jumping on the bandwagon and testing athletes before recruiting them. These kinds of personality assessments can be nerve-wracking — is there a right or wrong answer? — but when you consider how the results can further your own career, the tables turn.

Think of these kinds of exams as “personality profiling.” If you better understand yourself, you’ll better understand your work style, your communication style, and your strengths and weaknesses. Then you can apply that knowledge to your work life and even your home life. It’s especially important to understand how you thrive best in the workplace — what type of communication styles, management style, and work environment do you feel most comfortable with? If you can nail down these personal details, you’re laying the foundation for a successful career.

Remember those silly kinds of quizzes you loved to take as a kid? Personality assessments are just an adult version of those with better — and more researched — results. Some assessments can even unearth what your interests and passions are. Whenever you feel “stuck” in a job search or time of unemployment, these kinds of exams can help you discover the career path that’s best for you. You may even find yourself in a career change situation — scary, but exciting.

Try one of the free tests from CareerBuilder, play a game that will help you learn more about yourself, or see if you HR department offers a personality assessment or a “360” assessment that involves getting feedback from your coworkers. Don’t be afraid to take an “interest inventory” and see how you can apply those passions to you current position. Think of these tests as your friend, not your foe, and you’ll be excited to get the results in your hands.

Image via Graela/Flickr. 

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