5 Communication Mistakes To Avoid

July 4, 2013

Career Advice

5 communication mistakes to avoidIt’s no secret that good communication skills are a must when it comes to the workplace. Our coworkers, our bosses, our clients, and ourselves all deserve it. But sometimes we forget — maybe we’ve gotten a little too comfortable or maybe we’re really stressed and agitated. Keep these common mistakes in mind, then try to avoid them. Ahem, please.

1. Using too many cliches.
“Let’s circle back” and “think outside the box” as we “step up to the plate” while we “burn the candle at both ends.” Business cliches are overused. Make sure you incorporate some more descriptive language into your everyday talk.

2. Sending lazy emails.
Keep your emails professional. That means a greeting and a sign-off. No abbreviations or emoticons. And be sure to spell check before you hit send.

3. Speaking before thinking.
Sometimes we get too passionate during a meeting and start blabbing before we’ve constructed a complete thought. Think twice before you speak, especially when it comes to your work conversations.

4. Not listening.
If you’re texting while you’re in a meeting, you’re not listening. If you’re cutting off your coworker before she can complete her thought, you’re not listening. Be respectful to everyone, even if you think you have something better to say.

5. Sending too many emails.
Every work interaction will be either over an email, over the phone, or in person. Decide which format is the best before immediately defaulting to email. A phone call or a meeting might be an easier and more efficient way to communicate.

Image by Paul Shanks/flickr.

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