3 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your Job

May 30, 2013

Career Advice

3 Reasons Why You Should Quit Your JobMaybe you stumbled upon our Spectrum Brands Careers blog because you’re unhappy in your current position. Maybe you started browsing our job descriptions and something caught your eye. Maybe you even began updating your resume… but then chickened out. Everyone has bad days at work, but how do you know when it’s time to put in your two weeks notice? Here are three reasons why you should pursue a new opportunity stat. (P.S. Our current job openings are right here.)

1. Your current position is making you physically ill.
It sounds extreme, but long bouts of unhappiness and stress — experienced day in and day out — will show signs on your body. If your work isn’t fulfilling and it doesn’t allow you the flexibility to live a healthy lifestyle physically and mentally, then it’s time to move on. You deserve better. Read how to look for a job when you have a job.

2. You have a career plan — and it doesn’t involve staying in this job.
Think about your long-term career goals including where you see yourself in five years. If you don’t see yourself at this company (because there are no opportunities or because you don’t want them), where do you see yourself? How will you get there? Start looking at job opportunities elsewhere and see if they set you on the right path. If you find something perfect, remember to follow these steps on how to leave your job on the right terms.

3. You don’t have a good enough reason to stay.
If you’re perfectly complacent in your job, maybe it’s time for a change. You won’t grow professionally unless you’re learning new skills and challenging yourself. Maybe now is the perfect time to accept that challenge. Are you up for it?

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