Should You Move For a Job Opportunity?

May 28, 2013

Career Advice

SHoudl you move for a jobIf you’re limiting your job search to your current hometown, it’s like putting a cap on your career success. Sure, moving is no small feat. It can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful. But it can have huge payoffs in your professional life and your personal life. So when do you know when it’s right to take the plunge, accept a job offer, and move someplace new? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Are there other career opportunities in this organization or in this city?
Because moving is such a big life change, it’s important to make the move worth it. Does this position offer long-term career growth? Are there lots of opportunities for promotion within this company? Are there other companies within your industry that are located in or near this city? If you are OK with moving in a couple years, do you feel this position boosted your career in a positive direction? Not every move has to be permanent. Just make sure it makes sense for your career.

2. Would I consider moving to this city even if I didn’t have a great job offer?
Don’t accept a job unless you know your personal life can flourish as well as your professional life. What are your interests? Can you satisfy those urges in this city? If you’re single, is there a “scene” where you can meet people? Is the weather acceptable to you? Is the city located near your family or near other great cities? Really analyze what makes you happy, and see if this city meets those criteria.

3. What are the costs associated with moving?
In a perfect world, every company would pay to move you upon signing a job contract. But it turns out, there’s more behind a move than simply the costs of moving. Check a cost-of-living calculator to see how your new salary will hold up in the new city. What is the average cost of renting or buying property? A big city may sound great, but if you can’t afford to enjoy it, it’s not worth the move. Small towns may not sound as exciting, but there may be opportunities for home ownership and an ever-growing savings account, which can be used to pursue interests like travel.

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