The Best Portfolio Advice You’ll Ever Get

May 10, 2013

Career Advice

The BEst Portfolio Advice youll ever getWe don’t mean to brag, but we give some pretty good advice. (See: The Best Resume Tip Ever.) In that same vien — and with graduation fast approaching — we’re going to tackle a big topic: the dreaded portfolio.

Creative types are more likely to piece together an in-depth portfolio for an extensive job search or serious interview. This includes writers, graphic designers, web developers, and maybe even marketers. It’s a blessing and a curse. You can easily show off your experiences in a visual format. But what if you don’t have those experiences to show off? Here’s the big secret: you don’t have to.

What crazy talk is that? If you didn’t land all the awesome internships you wanted, or couldn’t afford to work for free while putting yourself through college, or if you’re trying to switch careers and build up your portfolio from scratch, we need to let you in on this trick. Your portfolio lies in your own hands.

You can create a website or write some advertising copy or design a logo for a company or business even if they didn’t ask you to. Put it in your portfolio and bam — instant fodder for an interview. This doesn’t mean that you should lie and say the company hired you to create said website/copy/logo. Just tell your interviewer that you worked on a few personal projects and show them off for all that they are. Show a before and an after: the problem, why it was a problem, and how you solved it with your amazing web skills/copywriting savviness/design expertise.

Have you given this off-beat strategy a try? Share your experience in the comments!

Image by Scott Kellum.

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One Comment on “The Best Portfolio Advice You’ll Ever Get”

  1. jobs online Says:

    Great article, making sure you have a good portfolio can be tricky. I like your advice on having ‘personal projects’ that you can show them. I always struggle to decide what previous work to include.


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