Even More Common Job Search Grammar Errors

April 26, 2013

Career Advice

We’ve already covered the top three common grammar errors found during the job search. But there’s more. Even if you’re not applying for a job in a writing field, communication skills are important to any employer. And that includes how to write. Your resume is a great place to show off your skills. Be aware of these common issues before you send off your next application:

1. Tense Issues
For current positions, use the present tense. For past positions, use past tense. It’s easy to accidentally jump from one tense to another during a resume writing session. Or to forget to change a past position into past tense during a resume revamp.

Present tense: “Lead a team of 5,” or “Develop new product.”
Past tense: “Led a team of 5,” or “Developed new product.”

2. Consistency Issues
When writing a resume, you’ll be making some decisions including the placement of bullet points, the format of your dates, and whether you are writing in full sentences or omitting words like “the.” To make it more complicated, there are some grammar choices that are neither right nor wrong. For example, the Oxford comma. It all comes down to one thing: choose one format and stick to it throughout your whole resume.

With the Oxford comma: “I wrote, edited, and distributed press releases.”
Without the Oxford comma: “I wrote, edited and distributed press releases.”

3. How to Spell Resume
Here’s one more that might surprise you — the spelling of resume. Technically it’s spelled “résumé” with two accent marks. Many candidates add one accent mark, which is completely incorrect. If you’re going to add an accent mark, add them both or leave them both off.

Correct: résumé
Acceptable: resume
Incorrect: resumé


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