3 Things NOT to Think About In Your Next Interview

April 24, 2013

Career Advice

3 Things NOT to think about in your next interview

Stay positive. It’s about the only thing you can control in your next interview, besides avoiding these bad interview habits. When it comes to the one-on-one interrogation, you have to focus on doing great instead of focusing on everything that could go wrong. Here are the three things you need to push out of your mind during your next interview:

1. “I have to get this job or I’ll be unemployed forever.”
We’re not going to beat around the bush: you might not get this job. But you know what? There are many reasons why you didn’t get hired that may have been out of your control. Beyond that, you know better than to play the waiting game. If you don’t have another interview already lined up, you’re smart enough to already have a few other resumes floating around out there. And you’re busy networking too. So what are you worried about? Something will come up.

2. “I’m totally unqualified for this position.”
Sometimes you wonder, why did they even bring me in? Did they even read my resume? Sometimes a company sees potential so they want to talk to you in person. Or maybe they’re interviewing you for a position that you didn’t even apply for — without you even knowing it. Perhaps a similar more entry-level position is opening soon so they wanted to talk to you just in case you’d be a perfect fit. So go with the flow and feel confident. They brought you in because they like you.

3. “I biffed that question, there’s no way they’ll hire me now.”
If you mess up a question, just let it roll of you like water off a duck’s back. Keep moving forward. Keep the momentum. And keep the focus. They won’t even remember that question you messed up if every other response you have is spot on. It’s even possible that your great personality and communication skills will outshine any answers you give — those are the kind of soft skills employers love.

Image by Bill Strain.

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