Don’t Wait For Your Boss to Set Your Goals

April 9, 2013

Career Advice

Don't wait for your boss to set your goalsAt most companies, you’ll sit with your boss once or twice a year for a one-on-one. You’ll talk about your performance, your goals for the upcoming months, and your future. Then you’ll stock away the paperwork and not think much about it until your next meeting…But what if you stopped and analyzed your career more than twice a year? What if you set monthly goals? Or weekly goals? And you stuck to them? My guess is that your career success would skyrocket.

Instead of relying on your company or your boss to lay out the framework for your career, set a few professional goals for yourself. Today. Dream big and don’t let the confines of your position hold you back. If you want a promotion within a year, write that down. Some say the act of writing a goal down is the first step to achieving it. Then say it out loud!

Next, break down each individual goal into a few baby steps. What are three things you can do within the next six months that put you closer to that goal? Make sure those baby steps are action-oriented and achievable items you can realistically cross off your list within a set timeframe. The key here is to list deadlines and action items. Visit this list weekly and stick to your deadlines.

If you’re having problems holding yourself responsible for self-imposed deadlines, bring in some help. Share your list of goals with a spouse, friend, or family member. Make them check in on you. Share your progress. And tell them they’re aloud to get on your back when you miss a deadline. Tough love is good for your career.

 Image by Denise Krebs

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