Why We Love Madison

April 2, 2013

Inside Spectrum Brands

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Sure, Wisconsin has its share of harsh winters. But one of our Marketing employees, Devon, learned quickly why Madisonians tend to love their city so much — despite the snow.

“I underestimated how incredible the summer, spring, and fall is here and just how incredibly mild it is during that part of the year and how you can really get out and do things,” she said.

Madison is known for its extensive bike paths and easy access to water sports. In fact, the capital city is located on an isthmus and is surrounded by two lakes: Lake Mendota and Lake Monona. When the weather is nice, you’ll find sailboats, kayaks, and fishermen abound. And a Saturday doesn’t go by without crowds strolling the shops on State Street or the booths at the Dane County Farmer’s Market, set along the perimeter of the capitol building.

“I live downtown in Madison and it’s great,” said Tera in Web Design. “You can walk everywhere and you’re definitely a part of everything that happens.”

Her favorite perk is thanks to Madison’s somewhat small size: there’s no big-city traffic. While Madison has a small-town feel, it still has the benefits of a metropolis with excellent restaurants, a top-of-the-line performing arts center, and multiple art museums.

“I think of Madison as a ‘big’ small town,” Tera added. “So while they have all these great modern conveniences, it has a voice and a vibe.”

Some of those distinct vibes can be found in unique neighborhoods like the campus area, Williamson Street, Monroe Street, and nearby suburb Middleton. But none of these areas are too far from Spectrum Brands.

“There’s nowhere in the city that you can live where  your commute here to Spectrum is more than 20 minutes,” said Devon. “So just having that time back in your day frees up time in your personal life.”

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