Six Steps to a Perfect Meeting

February 1, 2013

Career Advice

6 Steps to Perfect Meetings

Ask anyone about meetings and they’ll have plenty to say — there’s too many, there’s not enough, there was too many people, there wasn’t enough people, they’re not productive, they’re too productive, etc. It’s a touchy subject. But if you want to succeed in your career, you’re going to have to get “good” at meetings. The six steps in our meetings manifesto will make you a meeting rockstar:

1. Don’t Be Late.
There’s nothing more rude than making a room full of people wait for YOU. Especially if you organized the meeting. If you can, consider “travel time” when booking and accepting meetings. We don’t know how to teleport — yet — so give yourself at least 15 minutes breathing room to refresh, prepare, and arrive on time.

2. Do Your Homework.
Who are you meeting with and what are you talking about? Seems pretty basic. But you’d be surprised how many people don’t take the time to do this important prep work. The meeting will run much more smoothly if you’re fully prepared walking in.

3. Create an Agenda and Set a Goal.
If you’re setting up a meeting, be clear about why you’re meeting and what needs to be accomplished. Everyone will be much more willing to dedicate their time to a well thought out meeting where each member serves a purpose. Don’t just blindly invite anyone. Be respectful of people’s schedules.

4. Be Realistic.
Speaking of being respectful — don’t schedule a meeting at 8 AM on Monday. It’s just not going to happen. People will be late, and won’t be prepared. Also, don’t expect the world’s problems to get solved in one 30 minute session. Book a whole afternoon if it needs to be done. Just be realistic.

5. Wrap it Up and Discuss Next Steps.
When the end of the meeting is nearing, create a few action points. Maybe you can’t move forward on this project but Person A needs to talk to Person B about Problem X and Solution Y by Friday at noon. If you don’t define the next steps, don’t expect everyone to know what they are.

6. Follow Up.
At the end of the meeting, send out an e-mail recapping the major talking points and next steps. That means you should have been taking notes during the meeting.

What else would you add? Comment below!

Image by Luke Jones via Flickr.


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