5 Ways to Go Above and Beyond at Work

January 30, 2013

Career Advice

5 Ways to Go Above and Beyond at Work

It’s easy to do the bare minimum. But if you want your career to skyrocket into success, the path there is not going to be a simple joy ride. A degree can get you far, but it’s these special touches that will take you to the next level. Start the new year off right by practicing these career-changing habits.

1. Don’t be late. Ever.
Imagine if you came to work 15 minutes early every day. Every single person who arrives at work — including your boss — would see you already plugging away at your desk with a fresh cup of coffee. You’d never be the person who rolls in 15 minutes late all flustered and crabby. Early arrivals mean your committed. It means your reliable. And people respect that.

2. Remember names.
It’s  an underrated life skill that becomes extra important in the workplace. If your one of those people that hears a name and lets it go in one ear and out the other, you gotta change that habit. Whenever you meet someone new, repeat this phrase back to them: “Nice to meet you, [insert name here].” Simply saying their name out loud should help you remember it.

3. Remember details.
Whether it’s the name of your boss’s kids or the appropriate naming convention for that document that you turn in weekly, don’t overlook the small stuff. People appreciate the little things and are likely to reciprocate your efforts. And that feels good!

4. Be professional. Always.
Over time, you’ll become friendly with coworker and maybe even bosses. But there’s a level of professionalism that should always be maintained in meetings, in person, and over email. (Follow our tips on how to write better emails.) If your friends outside the workplace, draw lines that keep your personal life and career life separate.

5. Say yes.
Especially early on in your career, saying “yes” can be the difference between a quick promotion or a lengthy post in your current position. You’ll get more experience, you’ll get face time with important people, and you’ll beef up your resume. Enthusiasm pays off.

Image by Thomas Keil

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