Saying Goodbye: The Right Way To Quit Your Job

December 19, 2012

Career Advice

The Right Way To Say GoodbyeYou’ve landed an awesome new position at Spectrum Brands and now you have to put in your two weeks notice at your former company. It’s an exciting time but also an important time. There’s a right and a wrong way to say goodbye and you want to make sure you leave on the right terms.

Be Humble
Even if you’re excited to run out the door and take on a bigger and better position at a bigger and better company, don’t forget where you came from. It’s OK to show a bit of excitement about your new opportunity but don’t go overboard. Use generic phrases like, “It was a great opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.”

Give Thanks
Say thank you to everyone who’s helped further your career. Let them know how much you appreciate the advice they’ve shared and how it’s shaped you for the better.

Get Recommended
Ask coworkers and bosses if they’ll endorse you on LinkedIn or write a recommendation. Now is the time to do so while your time spent working together is still fresh in their minds.

Follow the Rules
Stick to the protocol as best you can whether it’s a two-week notice, finishing up a big project before you leave, or giving a professional but helpful exit interview.

Build Your Network
Networking is extremely important. Be sure to pass along your contact information and collect information from those who you’d like to keep in your professional circle – even if you didn’t work with them that closely.

Stay Connected
A month or two into your new position, reach back out to these people. A network needs to be nurtured like a plant. Keep “watering” so your connections stay connected and your network grows stronger. You never know when you might need someone’s help or advice.

Image by Alfons Hoogervorst.

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