The Best Resume Tip Ever

December 12, 2012

Career Advice

The Best Resume Tip Ever

What is it? What is it? We can feel the anticipation… are you ready? Focus on results. It’s as simple as that. We mention it briefly in our resume tips section of our careers site, but we’re going to expand here. Remember this important fact: your resume is not a job description. It’s a place to list your achievements. Now let’s figure out how to do that.

Gather Numbers
Your resume should be constantly updated, even when you aren’t looking for a new position. It’s a great place to record important events in your career as they happen. Otherwise you might forget crucial details — like the numbers. From now on, pay more attention to your numbers: what was the budget for that project? How many dollars did you save the company when you altered that process? How many people did you lead during that event? This is the kind of information that will make your resume extra impressive.

BORING: Developed marketing campaigns for print magazines and newspapers.
BETTER: Managed a 5-person team during a $1 million print campaign that resulted in 100 million impressions, the company’s most successful campaign of 2012.

Focus on Achievements
Celebrate the little successes. Jot down any kind of work you’ve done that has received recognition or ended with positive results. Think of financial successes (the company is always focused on their bottom line!) or career successes such as being promoted with 1 year or receiving a special company award for your hard work. Use action words and adjectives to make your achievements pop off the paper.

BORING: Asked to work on a special project with upper management.
BETTER: Invited to exclusive upper management re-branding brainstorm after being the youngest person to get promoted to marketing manager.

Still looking for more resume advice? Read more tips on how to de-clutter your resume.

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