Soft Skills Rock! What Employers Really Want.

December 4, 2012

Career Advice

Soft Skills RockSure, it’s important to look great on paper. You need the right degree, the right positions, and even the right companies to create a head-turning resume that will get your foot in the door. But a candidate with outstanding experiences may not always get the job. Why? Because it’s just as important to be great in person as you are on paper. That’s where soft skills come in.

Are You a Great Communicator?
From the moment you walk in the door for an interview, you must be pleasant and positive. Have great eye contact and a sense of humor. Be friendly. If you project this personality, it’s clear that you’ll get along with anyone. And if you can roll with the punches in life, you can roll with the punches at work. No one wants a dramatic coworker!

Can You Make Decisions? 
If you give off an air of confidence, it will be clear that you’re not afraid to take a stand. You may have to give past examples to make this clear, but employers are looking for people who can take the lead when it’s needed. Sometimes there’s not a right or wrong decision. One just needs to be made with logical reasons to back it up.

Are You a Team Player?
If there’s one skill you’ll use for the rest of your life, it’s the ability to work with anyone. Different people have different work styles, communication styles, and humor. You can view it as a roadblock to getting work done or you can learn to adapt and work through your differences.

Can You Solve Problems?
Employers don’t want employees who will hide under their desks when bad news comes their way. They need people to take a storm head on, sort out the issues, and solve them. If you can do this without complaining, even better. Be sure to have an example ready for your interview.

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