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How to Stay Focused on Your Job Search During the Holidays

November 29, 2012


Getting through the holidays is a little like riding a rollercoaster. There are times of total stress and times of pure joy. But with all the distractions coming your way, it’s hard to stay focused on what’s important: your job search. Here are few tips to keep your search strong:

Set a schedule… and tell your friends and family about it.
The holidays are filled with shopping trips, invites to parties, and weekends filled with traditions. But in order to be productive in your job search, you have to be strict. Whether it’s from 9 AM to 12 PM every day of the week or it’s 2 PM to 4 PM every weekend, set aside time to search. And remind others of your commitment.

Set a goal… and stick to it.
You can’t sit and wait for the phone to ring. You have to keep adding fire to the job search flame to keep it going. That means more resumes, more job applications, and more networking than you think. It only takes one job offer to set you on the right path, but it will take a lot of work to get that one elusive call.

Set a positive outlook… and don’t give up.
Job searches are tough. It’s hard to stay confident when you’re getting rejected. Just remind yourself that the right opportunity will come along. You just have to find it. And all the hard work and the wait will be worth it in the end.

Read more tips on how to cure job search burnout.

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Understand our Brand: Remington

November 28, 2012


Our family of brands generates more than $3.2 billion in annual revenues and our products are sold in more than 100 million stores. Remington, our personal care division, is how the world gets ready.

All About Remington
“Remington” is synonymous with grooming for men and women. From razors and electric shavers to flat irons and hair dryers to brushes and headbands, Remington products cover it all.

Our History
Since 2003, Remington has been a part of the Spectrum Brands family, but the name has been around since the late 1800s. The original company Remington Rand introduced millions to the electric dry shaver at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. In 1960, the company developed the first cordless shaver. Prior to that, the company (then called E. Remington and Sons) is credited with developing the QWERTY keyboard, which is still used today.

Where We Work
The Remington brand lives in the Spectrum Brands World Headquarters building in Madison, Wisconsin along the Rayovac and Russell Hobbs brands.  In late 2013, Remington will move to our new energy-efficient world headquarters in the Madison suburb of Middleton.

Find Remington:
Remington has a strong online presence. Consumers can get tips on grooming, hair styling, and more via their favorite social networks.

Remington Official Website
Remington Ready Facebook Page
@RemReadyMan on Twitter
@RemingtonReady on Twitter
Remington on YouTube
Remington on Pinterest

Learn about our latest job opportunities at Remington then visit our new careers page for advice and more information.

This is the second post in a series about the powerful brands that make up Spectrum Brands. Read the first part, Understand our Brand: Rayovac.


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Spotlight on United Pet Group in Cincinnati, Ohio

November 21, 2012

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Spectrum Brands’ products can be found all over the world, but the United Pet Group division thrives in Cincinnati, Ohio. This team of animal lovers is committed to bringing real solutions to passionate pet owners. And they want to make pets happy, too. That means better health, longer naps, and more treats.

What You’ll Find
United Pet Group is a leading global marketer and manufacturer of pet supplies with leading brands within the Aquatics and Companion Pet markets. It’s made up of a host of well-known pet brands including Tetra (quality fish food and products), Dingo (healthy treats for dogs), and Nature’s Miracle (stain, odor, and training solutions for pets). Read the full list of United Pet Group’s brands.

Technology and innovation are held high at United Pet Group. Pet owners continually seek new and improved products to enhance their relationships with their pets. Just one of United Pet Group’s innovations include Dingo’s Rawhide Chews, a special two-in-one chew with rawhide on the outside and real meat jerky on the inside. In 1997, Dingo Brand was granted a US Patent for this improvement. Read more about United Pet Group’s innovations here.

About the Area
Cincinnati may be Ohio’s third largest city, but it’s the most beautiful. The historic city is located right on the Ohio River with Kentucky just a quick drive across a scenic bridge. Cincinnati is home to the Reds’ Great American Ballpark and hosts large events like the Flying Pig Marathon – the third largest marathon in the US. And it’s an easy two-hour drive to Ohio’s capital city, Columbus.

Jobs in Cincinnati
In our Cincinnati location, you’ll find positions like

  • Global Brand Manager
  • Category Analyst
  • Director of Marketing

Search Spectrum Brands job openings in Cincinnati, Ohio, then find more great career advice and information on Facebook and Twitter.

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“So Tell Me About Yourself.”

November 20, 2012


An interviewer says, “So tell me about yourself.” What do you do?

A. Give a laundry list of your past jobs and skills.
B. Get personal and talk about your hobbies and where you were born.
C. Tell them exactly what they want to hear.

The answer is “C. Tell them exactly that they want to hear.” Because when an interview says, “Tell me about yourself,” what they really mean is, “Sell me yourself, and tell me how you can help me.” They want to know exactly why you’re qualified for this position at this company.

A good introduction is just like a good cover letter. There is no need to reiterate your resume (because they’ve seen that!). This is the time to discuss the interesting but relevant life experiences and skills that make you a great fit for this position. Your answer should be unique to each job you apply for. You need a hook, and a story that they’ll remember.

Be sure to give specific examples. Was there a unique project that you worked on in your last job that aligns perfectly with this position? Are there certain professional skills that you accumulated at your last company that put you a step above the rest? Do you participate in extra-curricular activities that show your dedication to this cause?

It’s OK to drop in a couple personal tidbits such as, “As a marathoner, I know what it takes to start a project and take it all the way across the finish line.” Or, “I’ve always been interested in working for a non-profit, and my extensive experience working for these charities in my free time proves that commitment.” Just be sure that everything you’re sharing is being shared for a purpose.

So what’s your story? Start practicing!

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What Does Networking REALLY Mean?

November 15, 2012


When it comes to the job search, “networking” is probably your least favorite word right after “resume” and “interview.” But networking is your friend, not your foe. We listed it in our Top 5 Job Search Secrets, but now we’re going to dive deeper and prove to you why it’s a great career tool.

What Does It Mean?
Networking is simply growing your list of professional connections inside and outside of your company. These are the kind of people you’d feel comfortable asking for help, whether it’s for a job or for advice, and you’d do the same for them. They might not be your best friends, but they’re people you respect.

Where Do I Do It?
Opportunities for networking are everywhere. Don’t dismiss the chance to meet someone new or pass along a business card. Here are a few easy networking opportunities:

  • Local professional organizations and events: Walk up to at least 5 new people and introduce yourself.
  • Trade shows: Don’t leave until you’ve swapped business cards with at least 5 people.
  • Informational interviews: Set up a lunch date, phone chat, or email conversation with someone you admire once a month – people within your own company count!

What’s In It For Me?
Establishing a network inside and outside of your company can secure your career for years to come. Getting face time in front of higher-ups at your place of employment may help you get promoted in the future. Connections made outside of work may help you land an interview if you find yourself unemployed.

Every time you build network, you increase the number of people who trust you, respect you, and will recommend you. And that will only further your career.

What’s your favorite networking tip? Comment below or share it on our Facebook wall.

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The Hiring Process at Spectrum Brands

November 13, 2012


Sometimes applying online can feel like you’re sending a resume into a black hole. We’d like to clear up how our process works and let you know – we really did look at your resume! And we really will get back to you if we’re interested! Here are the steps to follow when applying at Spectrum Brands.

Find a position that’s right for you by browsing our current list of openings at Spectrum Brands. Create a profile online or access your existing profile. Before you click send, be sure to read our post on how to de-clutter your resume. Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive an email assuring you that your application has been received. A member of our employment team reviews all applications.

If we feel you are a potential fit for this position, we’ll select you for a phone interview and give you a call. If after the phone interview we feel you’re not the best fit, we’ll send you a message that you’re no longer being considered. (Be sure to keep checking our list of openings at Spectrum Brands!)

If you’ve been selected for an interview, a member of our employment team will contact you and schedule a date and time. We’ve shared 7 Interview Tips that Work so be sure to review that list prior to our meeting.

If you’ve been identified as our top candidate after the interviewing process, a hiring manager will contact you and extend a verbal offer of employment. If after the in-person interview, we feel that you’re not a great fit for this position, we’ll contact you explaining that you’re no longer being considered. (Be sure to keep checking our list of openings at Spectrum Brands!)

Once you’ve accepted our verbal offer, we’ll send you a written offer that’s contingent upon passing our pre-employment screening process. After your successful screening, we’ll contact you prior to your first day to welcome you and explain on-boarding.

Got any questions? Comment below or stop by our Facebook page and ask us there!

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Understand Our Brand: Rayovac

November 8, 2012


Our family of brands generates more than $3.2 billion in annual revenues and our products are sold in more than 100 million stores. This is the first post in a series profiling the powerful products that make up Spectrum Brands. 

All About Rayovac
When you hear “Rayovac,” you think “batteries.” But the product line includes so much more. Our Rayovac employees work on everything from flashlights to portable cell phone chargers to glow sticks in addition to our line of more well-known products like rechargeable batteries and hearing aid batteries. Rayovac’s retail clients include corporations like Six Flags and former partnerships include celebrities like Michael Jordan.

Our History
Rayovac was originally founded in Madison, Wisconsin as the French Battery Company in 1906. Its history is long and filled with “firsts” – the company patented the first vacuum tube hearing aid, the first leak-proof dry cell battery, and the first portable radio with high-fidelity reception.

Where We Work
These days, Rayovac still thrives in the same city in which it was founded alongside our Remington and Russell Hobbs brands. Wisconsin is also the home of two battery manufacturing plants in Fennimore and Portage. In late 2013, Rayovac will move to our new energy-efficient world headquarters in the Madison suburb of Middleton.

Find Rayovac:
Rayovac has a strong online presence. Consumers can order batteries online or join almost 500,000 Facebook fans in enjoying exclusive coupons and fan giveaways.

Rayovac Official Website

Rayovac Facebook Page

Rayovac on Twitter

Rayovac on YouTube

Learn about our latest job opportunities at Rayovac then visit our new careers page for advice and more information.

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Land an Internship at Spectrum Brands

November 6, 2012

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – even if you don’t know our name, you definitely know our brands. And future employers will love that you’ve had experience with a globally recognized consumer products company that generates more than $3.2 billion in annual revenues. It’s a priceless addition to your resume. Do we have your attention now?

Our Program
We see Spectrum Brands interns as the next generation of leaders. Our internship program is not just busy work – we focus on creating meaningful and engaging experiences for students. Our interns take part in the everyday processes and the daily decisions that affect our company.

The Perks
As a Spectrum Brands intern, students also have fun. Our internship activities have included everything from manager-versus-intern softball games (where our CEO joins the intern team) to a rousing round of Spectrum Brands Jeopardy. We’ll even invite interns on a “Lunch and Learn” with leaders of our organization.

The Finish Line
At the end of the internship, students have gained corporate experience while broadening their skills and furthering their careers. (Still not sold? Read what former Spectrum Brands interns have to say about our program.)

Your Next Steps
Find out when we’re coming to a campus near you over at our Campus Events calendar or check out our current job listings (which is where we list our internships). Then be sure to read what it takes to be a Spectrum Brands employee so you know what we’re looking for. When you’re ready to apply to an internship, don’t miss our tips for revamping your resume or our 7 interview tips that work.

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How to Look for a Job When You Have a Job

November 1, 2012


Unfortunately – or fortunately? – most people look for a job when they already have a job. It’s a tricky situation to be in, but there are simple steps you can make to ensure the transition runs more smoothly.

1. Don’t do it at work.
You cannot search for a job at your job. Your boss will walk up behind you and it will be really awkward. That means you can’t print resumes at work either. It’s not worth the risk.

2. Don’t tell anyone.
People are really bad at keeping secrets, even your coworker who you think is really good at keeping secrets. If that gossip gets around the office, you’ll have a lot of explaining to do. Not fun.

3. Don’t take calls at work.
You’re bound to get a call about an application while you’re at work. Let it go to voicemail then return the call over lunch or at the end of the day. If you land a phone interview, take the call over your lunch break and talk from the safety of your car.

4. Schedule interviews smartly.
For in-person interviews, shoot for Monday mornings or Friday afternoons. It won’t look as suspicious as taking an afternoon off mid-week. Make sure you have time to go home and change into appropriate attire.

5. Be careful on the Internet.
If you post your resume on a careers site, recruiters from your company may find you. If you update your LinkedIn profile, coworkers may get suspicious. Just be prepared to defend yourself – or change your LinkedIn settings under “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts.”

What are your tips for secret job searching? Comment here or tell us on FacebookTwitter, or LinkedIn.

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