Top Job Search Secrets

October 16, 2012

Career Advice

Ever wonder how some people seem to have amazing opportunities just fall into their laps? That’s not quite how it works. Masters of their craft make things look easy, but a lot of hard work and practice goes on behind the scenes. Try these tricks and your job search may look just as effortless:

1. Ask For Help.
The most successful job seekers do more than just apply online. They make connections and keep them. Notify your network of your job search. Tell them what you’re looking for. Ask them to review your résumé. Thank them for their help, and return the favor in the future.

2. Do Your Homework
Your network will not only help you hear about new opportunities, but they can give you insight into a desired company or position. Any additional information you gather will only help you throughout the application process.

3. Expand Your Network
Sites like LinkedIn make it easier than ever to find and make connections. Follow Spectrum Brands on LinkedIn to see which first- and second-degree connections you have in common with us.

4. Redefine Your Skills
You may be qualified for more positions than you think. Certain experiences like customer service, leadership, and teamwork can be applied to all kinds of opportunities. Tailor your résumé to the unique position and showcase these skills.

It may seem like you’ve applied to an obscene amount of jobs and that your résumé is as good as it will ever be. Think again. There’s no coasting in a career search. It’s an uphill battle until you’ve landed that coveted dream job.

Find more great career advice and information on the latest Spectrum Brands job openings on our careers page, Facebook and Twitter.

Image by Angela Archer.

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