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110 Years: Rayovac Is Having a Birthday!

January 17, 2016


Rayovac_Leak_Proof_adHappy Birthday to Rayovac! 110-years-old and we are stronger than ever!

The longevity of the company is truly remarkable. Rayovac started producing batteries back in 1906. In 1927 when Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic, he carried two Ray-o-lite flashlights with him for emergency purposes… In the 1930s, Rayovac patented the first vacuum tube hearing aid… and in the 1940s, Rayovac increased their production in order to support the war effort.


No matter what’s happening in the world, Rayovac has been there. Currently, Spectrum Brands and our official partner Walt Disney World are promoting a sweepstakes where you can enter to win a fabulous vacation. As long time Rayovac employee and now Director of Marketing, Jim Stoeffler says, “We put the smiles on the faces of the little kids when they put the batteries in their toys.”


Our employees look at their work as an opportunity to offer much more than just batteries to our customers. “We provide security and safety to the people who use our products. It’s not just about the product, it’s about the people,” said Stoeffler.


Although a small company to start, Rayovac has grown into a global organization of 14,000 employees headquartered in Middleton, Wisconsin. We are up and running 24 hours a day seven days a week producing 600 batteries per minute. If you do the math, we have the capacity to produce over 1 billion batteries per year!

To learn more about Rayovac and hear directly from Colleen Orani, Director of Human Resources, check out this video. Then check out more historical pictures from our Flickr archives or learn more about Rayovac’s history at the Rayovac website.

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UW-Madison Tops Our List

September 29, 2015


14070186173_d73139edde_bThe verdict is in! The University of Wisconsin-Madison is, in fact, the best public college in the United States. That is hands down our view here at Spectrum Brands and two recent polls have ranked UW-Madison at the top of their lists as well.

Skout, a friend-making app, ranks UW-Madison as number one on the 10-Friendliest College Towns in America list. U.S. News and World Report places UW-Madison in 11th place for the second year in a row among the top public colleges. Take a look at all the UW-Madison academic kudos here, including, the College of Engineering’s 14th overall ranking for the third year in a row and the Wisconsin School of Business’ 15th overall for the second year in a row.

Spectrum Brands is proud of its long-standing connection with UW-Madison. We’ve served as a host for their regular Summer Engineering Program and participated in on-campus mock interviews and speed networking events. Not to mention, dozens of current Spectrum Brands employees attended UW-Madison and interned with us during their studies. Their internships spanned various fields like Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, and Finance.

Jordan Rosenbaum, a former Product Marketing Intern at Spectrum Brands and current student at UW-Madison says he didn’t feel like an intern during his time at Spectrum. “I was given a lot more responsibility than you would expect for an intern and opportunities to network with people outside of my specific business unit,” he added.

21-year-old Ben Cleppe, who will graduate May 2016 from UW-Madison, says, “My favorite part of my (R&D Engineering) internship was the freedom I had to take my project in the direction I saw fit and that I received the necessary training to do so.”

Connor Dura’s thoughts were similar.  He said, “I really enjoy being assigned individual project work—being able to create something from the ground up allows lots of room for creativity.”

It’s comments like these that show our strong partnership with UW-Madison and make us feel like proud parents to those students we are helping to usher out into the workforce.

Image via college.library/Flickr

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4 Reasons Why Our Employees Love Working at Spectrum Brands

June 30, 2015


CAREERS 06 PROMO vimeo sdws from Spectrum Brands, Inc on Vimeo.

Kevin from Sales says, “A lot of people don’t know who Spectrum Brands is but they know all of the different brands that we have.” And the number of brands we own is one of the biggest reasons why people love working for us. Here are just a few reasons why working at Spectrum Brands is great.

1. The size is just right.
Goldilocks would be happy. Spectrum Brands might just be the perfect balance of large national brands and a small-town feel. There’s no need to move to a big city with a high cost of living to find a great career opportunity. We operate in a brand new green world headquarters just outside of Madison, Wisconsin in the family-friendly suburb of Middleton.

Madison was named the best place to live in 2015 by, and Middleton has held the title before. “Its nice being part of a big company like this but it still feels like a small company,” says Kevin.

2. Every day is different.
It’s hard to get bored at a company where so much is going on. You’ll get to know coworkers across different departments and different brands. “I love my job. No day is the same,” says Dorothy in Supply Chain. “It’s always something different. It’s always new challenges.”

3. There are plenty of learning opportunities. 
Speaking of bored, if you’re looking for a change, look no further than across the hallway. Each brand offers a unique opportunity to learn a new business, a new product, and a new customer.

“I get to work hand in hand with our European team,” says Devon, who works in the marketing department of Remington. “If the opportunity arises I could raise my hand and be working on batteries tomorrow and really learning how to drive that business.”

4. There is room for growth.
Those learning opportunities can lead to more than just mental growth — they can lead to career growth too. With so many brands, we have plenty of opportunities for promotion within the company. “You definitely have a lot more opportunity to move forward with your career because of all the different brands,” says Tara, a web designer at Spectrum Brands.

Elizabeth from Creative agrees. She says, “Spectrum Brands is a company that when they see your potential and they see that you really love and have a passion for what you do, they give you opportunities that you never expect. They let you fly as high as you want to fly.”

P.S. We’re hiring. View our latest job opportunities.


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A Glimpse Into Spectrum Brands Internship Activities

May 19, 2015


sb headerOur internship program is pretty great — see what the interns themselves had to say about it. We also like to make sure our interns go on to do great things thanks to their experience with us. Not only will you learn what it’s like to take work a job in your field, but you’ll also get career help along the way to ensure success post-internship. Here are just a few of the activities you’ll get to take advantage of as a Spectrum Brands intern.

Lunch and Learn with Leaders
Over the summer, interns will be treated to a lunch session with one or more leaders of the organization. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn about the organization’s current and future state and to gain insight on how our leaders view the importance and contributions of our internship positions.

Mock Interviews and Skills Section
Interns can participate in an informative session that includes a mock interview and/or resume critique.

Career Fair Participation
Interns will have the opportunity to participate in their school’s spring or fall career fair by representing Spectrum Brands at the company’s booth. There may also be opportunities to be a part of information sessions and mock interviews.

Learn more about our internship activities on our careers site.

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What It’s Like to Intern at Spectrum Brands

May 5, 2015

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Interested in landing an internship at Spectrum Brands? Our goal is to have each and every intern walk away from our program with a positive experience. See what these participants had to say about their internships:

“Rayovac has completed the academic circle for me. I can apply knowledge gained from the classroom to the work field, and use experiences from the work field back in the classroom. It has provided me with exposure to different aspects of everyday business functions.” –– Matt, 2011

“Not only did I gain some valuable analytic and technical (Excel, Nielsen, NPD) skills but I felt that I’m getting some great exposure to the business and the decisions my managers are making.“ — David, 2012

“I received expert guidance and the freedom to work towards my own professional development. From product knowledge to meeting participation and input to the independence to be creative and ‘own’ projects, the experiences I had during my time as a UI intern were unlike those at any other internship. Most importantly, I developed relationships and a level of trust that helped me secure a full-time position with the company.” — Mallory, 2010

“I enjoyed the hands-on experience, especially the projects that had deadlines and required problem-solving.” — Hannah, 2012

“I was able to have hands-on experience with things that are relevant to my major. The people around me were very easy to work with and helped me grow as a person.” — Paul, 2012

“The environment is fast-paced and casual, which has allowed me to easily blend my life as a student into the office setting. The best part of the internship is that I am integrated into current and vital projects, so I can truly see how my work has made a positive impact on the company.” — Ashley, 2010

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Part Two: FAQs about Applying for a Job at Spectrum Brands

March 17, 2015

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Every company has a different process when it comes to job applications, interviews, and hiring. We try to be very straightforward with ours. Check out this slideshow outlining what our hiring process is like or read our complete list of frequently asked questions. Here are just a few common questions about our application process:

I know someone that works for you. Should I put them down as a referral when applying?

Please do. We encourage our current employees to refer people that would be an asset to Spectrum Brands. Be sure to let us know they have referred you through the “source” drop down on the application.

The application asks for a current salary. How should I answer this?

This will be asked during the interview process and confirmed during a background check after an offer is extended so it is important that you answer honestly.

Do I need to create a new profile each time I apply for a job?

No, if you apply through our website you will be asked to create a profile that includes a username and password. This will save your personal information in our system for future use.

Read Part One here.

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FAQs about Applying for a Job at Spectrum Brands

March 2, 2015


5397530925_87102f74b2_zEvery company has a different process when it comes to job applications, interviews, and hiring. We try to be very straightforward with ours. Check out this slideshow outlining what our hiring process is like or read our complete list of frequently asked questions. Here are just a few common questions about our application process:

How do I know if my application is received?

If you applied through our applicant tracking system located on the Spectrum Brands Careers page, you will receive a system-generated email stating that your application has been submitted successfully. Please be sure to check your spam filter if you do not feel you received this message.

How do I follow up after I apply to a position?

Our goal is to respond to each application. However, we ask that you be patient as we review all applications. Candidates will be selected and contacted on the basis of the qualifications of their applications. While we encourage you to continually review our current openings, your information will be retained to ensure that you are considered for future opportunities.

Will I be notified if I am not selected?

Yes, if you are not selected you will receive a notification from our recruitment team. Please continue to review our careers page for future opportunities.

Image via photosteve101/Flickr

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A Million Reasons Why Madison, Wisconsin is Great

February 26, 2015


madison-wisconsinSometimes you have to move to take a new job. It’s a big decision. One that should be weighed very carefully. Uprooting a family is no easy task. At Spectrum Brands, we’re lucky. Our World Headquarters is located in Middleton, Wisconsin right next to Madison. Madison was the place we called home for many years until our recent move to our new “green” building. Either way, both cities have earned titles like “best place to live in the US” multiple times. Sometimes we feel like we’re bragging but if you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Besides being an unbelievable college town, we’re located on an isthmus, which means we’re surrounded by two lakes. There’s a fantastic food scene and a great biking scene to burn off all those calories. (Cheese and beer. Lots of cheese and beer.) Madison is also the state capital of Wisconsin — and our capitol building is gorgeous. There’s always something going on at the capital square, our favorite event being one of the nation’s best farmer’s markets. We could go on bragging but we’ll let these recent titles speak for themselves.

This love affair has been a long one. Here are even more reasons why we love Madison.

Image via Flickr/Alan Wolf

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What It Takes to Be a Spectrum Brands Employee

February 24, 2015


What do we look for when we’re interviewing candidates? Well, we created this handy list just for you. It’s not only what we hold prospective employees to but it’s what we expect from our current employees as well. Take these principles and apply them to your cover letter, resume, and reflect on them during your interview. The more you can display these traits during your interview process the better!

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: takes calculated risks with good judgement.
  • Passion for the Business: displays enthusiasm and energy.
  • Assure Project/Service Quality: high standards of accuracy and excellence.
  • Takes Out Costs & Controls Spending: considers cost in everyday work.
  • Highly Responsive to Customers: exceeds expectations of customers.
  • Sense of Urgency & Being Quick to Market: use decisiveness to obtain results.
  • Leadership: energize others toward business goals.
  • Teamwork: collaborate with colleagues.
  • Win with the Spectrum Value Model: align daily actions with our six value principles.

FYI You can read the full in-depth list with detailed descriptions over at our Spectrum Brands Careers site.

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Best Cities for Quality of Life? #1: Madison, Wisconsin.

September 2, 2014

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5906144215_be327f738a_zOur new headquarters may be located in Middleton, but Madison, Wisconsin is our closest neighbor — and our former home. So when it scored the top spot on Nerd Wallet’s Best Cities for Quality of Life list, we were thrilled. The ranking was based on income, affordability, and health benefits as well as the local economy and work-life balance. Here’s what they had to say about Madison:


“If you’re looking to improve your quality of life, consider moving to Madison. The city offers a great work-life balance, high affordability and health insurance coverage rates, and a low unemployment rate. At the center of the city lies the largest public university in the state, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which focuses on “improving the quality of life for all” in its mission statement.” – 

We might be biased, but we have to agree. Weekends are spent at one of the country’s best farmer’s markets, cheering on the Badgers at Camp Randall, or taking advantage of our multiple lakes and well-known bike paths. You can find us shopping on the bustling State Street, catching a show at the world-class Overture Center, or eating a local meal on the Capitol Square. Local events like the World’s Largest Brat Fest, the IronMan, and the Great Taste of the Midwest draw thousands of visitors to our city.

Just a few minutes away in Middleton, we love walking around our picturesque downtown, enjoying a craft beer at Capitol Brewery, or enjoying the day along a lakeside park. Middleton has won its own set of awards too. In 2007, the Madison suburb was named the Best Place to Live in the United States by CNN Money. Two years later, CNN Money ranked Middleton the fourth best place to live in the country (up from the seventh spot in 2005).

See the full list of best cities for quality of life at

Image via gbozik photography



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